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Bahrain tour

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Bahrain tour are operated by ISHTAR GATE TOURS - A professional tour operator in the kingdom of Bahrain with a team of more than 14 years of experience


Ishtar Gate is a destination management and one of the few tourism consultation agencies based in the Kingdom of Bahrain with comprehensive tourism consultancy solutions and high quality tourism strategies.

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  • Local licensed tourist guide (Arabic & English) for more languages please send us a request.
  • Vehicle not less than 2019 model.
  • All entrance fees.
  • Bottle of water.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Pick up and drop off facility form any where in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

You can customize your tour based on your interest, and we will reply to your email within 24 hours - you can contact us on WhatsApp: +97336788001-Special rates for groups.

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