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Ishtar Gate is a destination management and one of the few tourism consultation agencies based in the Kingdom of Bahrain with comprehensive tourism consultancy solutions and high quality tourism strategies.

Nothing beats the cheerful surprise of being in a frindly and safe enviroment tour. Ishtar Gate version of these tour packages are sensational yet affordable – each tour full of the best tourist attractions in Bahrain (best seller).You can choose from predefined packages with prices that suit your budget and interests.

ISHTAR GATE TOURS - A professional tour operator in the kingdom of Bahrain

We provide customized holidays in Bahrain, hotel reservations, Bahrain sightseeing tour, Bahrain shore excursion and Transit tour - we serve small and large groups.

Whether you are interested in the culture, traditional heritage, history, food, art of Bahrain, we will help you to have the perfect itinerary which matches your interests.

Our focus on quality & safety; for over 15 years of team experience, we've been running our tours and serve the tourists in Bahrain .Our team pays attention to every single detail, so you can book your service in complete comfort and confidence knowing we will meet your expections. We're so certain that you'll experience the difference the finest service, skilled local tourist guide, and we offer our always guaranteed promise.

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More than 14 years of a team experience & trust |Served more than 5000 tourists from more than 120 countries|More than 52 Cruise ship passenger tours done| More than 1800 VIP & delegations tours done |All of our tours were reviewed by health ,safety & security experts.